Crossings & Boring

hdd boring

Evolved Energy offers a full range of crossing design and Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) construction services. We have planned, produced and completed many successful large-scale crossings for a diverse array of clientele; specifically for Oil & Gas, Municipal, Utilities, Marine and Environmentally Delicate applications.

We are pipeline and utility installation experts, accustom to completing crossings within the most demanding terrains and environmentally sensitive regions.

Our success is measured on a job-by-job basis and we understand that no two projects are ever the same. Our professionals take the time up front to discuss, identify and develop a plan that assures the project's goals and objectives are achieved.

Experienced in a full range of directional drilling services for oil & gas, telecommunications, electrical and water & sewer applications - in the most challenging, complex and unforgiving locations. We listen, adapt and apply our knowledge to meet our clients' schedule and achieve optimal results.

Our Service Highlights:

  • Hybrid Pipeline Technology
  • Parallel Installations
  • Underground Intersects
  • Crossing Design
  • Wetlands, Water and River Crossings
  • Roadway, Rail, Pipeline and Utility Crossings
  • Slope and Obstacle Crossings
  • Harbour Crossings
  • Shore Approaches and Outfalls
  • Environmental Remediation and Reclamation
  • Slope Stabilization
  • Pipe Ramming
  • Pipe Bursting
  • Slip Lining
  • SAGD Maintenance
  • Pipeline Rehabilitation and Maintenance
  • Harmful Alteration Disruption or Destruction (HADD)
  • Backtracks System
  • Vibratory Hole Packer
  • Super Flumes
  • Aqua Dams
  • Open Cut Watercourse
pipes on evolved truck

We offer complete crossing design and installations under waterways, wetlands, environmentally sensitive areas and congested urban environments, over two kilometers in distance – or up to four kilometers utilizing intersect technologies. We are capable of installation of all pipe media up to 60” diameter. We maintain a fleet of rigs ranging from 36,000 to 1,300,000 lbs. of thrust/pullback and 5,000 to 100,000 lbs. of torque, and possess the experience, versatility and environmental responsibility in all types of ground and project conditions. Environmentally friendly and biodegradable Bentonite drilling fluids are utilized on all projects.