Pipeline Construction

evolved digger stringing pipeline

Evolved Energy is an upstream-to-midstream service provider specializing in trenchless and conventional pipeline construction. Over the past 15 years, Evolved Energy has pioneered the industry through the design, development and application of proprietary technologies.

Evolved Energy has successfully installed over 2,500 kms of pipeline through some of Canada's most environmentally sensitive regions utilizing an integration of proven construction methodologies. A typical project installation might consist of conventional open-cut construction through non-wetland sections, trenchless installation methods through wetlands and environmentally sensitive areas, and HDD to complete watercourse and infrastructure crossings.

Our installations practice minimizes the environmental impacts of the construction process assisting producers in maintaining their social license, unlocking production while minimizing their construction footprint and offsetting CO2 emissions.

Our Service Highlights:

  • Five Meter Right-of-Way Width
  • Trenchless Installation
  • No Clean Up
  • No Ditch Settlement
  • No Soil Erosion
  • Slope Stability
  • Greatly Reduced Footprint
  • Dramatically Reduced Green House Gas Emissions
  • Considerably Lower Carbon Footprint
  • Year Round Installation
  • Minimal Soil Disturbance
  • Minimal Habitat Disruption
  • Direct Pipeline Routing
  • Accurate Depth of Cover Surveys
  • Eased Land Owner/Producer Relations
  • Exceeds CSA Z662-09 Regulations
pipeline and handle

We provide comprehensive construction services towards transmission and gathering systems, utilizing an array of pipe varieties and diameter ranges.


60mm to 610mm < 300km – we have worked extensively in the western foothills, mountainous terrain and Crown lands paralleling the Rocky Mountains.


50mm to 150mm Fiberglass Composite Pipeline Systems – with vast experience at installing Fiberspar, Centron and Bondstrand products

Flex Product Line

50mm to 150mm Flex pipeline systems –trenching, plowing and directional installs, including pipeline rehabilitation


60mm to 1200mm High Density Polyethylene pipeline system – for gas, water, raw water, process, potable water, etc. - electro fusion, butt fusion and hot taps